Pi from the sky – all bets are off

OK, the FMTV Missing Link research and development has been rendered entirely redundant by the arrival of Raspberry Pi. There is simply no compelling reason to implement it with anything else, most persuasively because RaspPi has TCP/IP, and that is the the single most difficult thing to implement for someone who is not an electronics engineer.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you will no doubt be aware of the arrival of Raspberry Pi, a Linux-capable, credit-card-sized PC that ships for £31.86 (inc VAT & carriage). It has USB, SDHC, composite video, HMDI and ethernet, and will even run on batteries.

The fact that it is a full PC (700MHz ARM processor with FPU & GPU) means that it can be programmed with existing Linux libraries, be synchronized over IP and do local processing before passing the media to a remote location.


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