But why?

I had a lot more visitors today than last week and been a bit distracting, although it’s been interesting and quite productive to have to explain the project other people.

I am pretty much certain that I will be using the PICAXE system. I have been taking stock of the equipment I already have, but not looked at for a few years, and need to acquire a few more bits and pieces, although nothing major.

Next week I should be at a stage that I can actually start building the first prototype of the simplest version which will be a receiver for serial, IR and USB pulse signals. The image above is an unpopulated PICAXE 08 Proto Board and will be the basis of my initial design. It’s very small, low powered and reprogrammable in-circuit.

One of the question that cropped up more than once today was why was I doing it this way. This project is an attempt at only one method of capturing time-lapse video. I am interested in having access to a number of methods that would suit different situations and installations. Using CHDK on compact cameras allows me to shoot on very small cameras that can be run on batteries for 10 hours or more and do not need a computer to be connected whilst shooting. I will be discussing the other potential configurations in a later blog post.

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