Be careful what you wish for…

Ok, here I am at Access Space for day 1 of my R&D bursary. The project I am researching towards is a multi-protocol interface box to simultaneously trigger multiple time-lapse cameras.

I have been working with time-lapse techniques since 2006 and originally was using standard definition DV cameras capturing to Macintosh computers, and started off using iStopMotion by Boinx Software. I soon moved on to custom-written software using Max/MSP/Jitter by Cycling 74, but more recently I have been using Canon digital still cameras “hacked” with the open source CHDK software.

I am interested in using either video or stills cameras, and it depends on the application is and the physical installation. The reason I favour stills cameras for most purposes is the lack of need for it to be connected to a computer. There are disadvantages too.

I want to be able to synchronize multiple cameras so that they capture stills at the same time and this research project is towards that end. Having applied for, and been awarded the Access Space Small R&D Bursary 2011, I now have to do it.

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